Case Study-Maserati of Wilmington Pike

Turbocharging Sales Through Reach and Reactivation Luxury dealership Maserati of Wilmington Pike knew they needed a streamlined marketing solution that could deliver on multiple fronts—but they also knew their own capabilities were already necessarily devoted to showroom operations. After a couple false starts with other partners, Edifice’s proven plan to accelerate their sales and service revenue more than intrigued them. With Edifice, they’ve seen steady growth in sales from outside their...

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Visit Edifice Automotive Marketing at Digital Dealer Conference & Expo 2023

Maximize Your Digital Dealer Experience: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Meeting Edifice Automotive Marketing in Las Vegas

The Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is right around the corner, and like you, we recognize its immense significance in the automotive industry. With the event slated to take place this October in Las Vegas, it's crucial to plan well to extract maximum value. In this article, we lay down actionable insights on optimizing your time at this game-changing event and present compelling reasons to meet with Edifice Automotive Marketing.

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Unlocking Revenue Potential: Focusing on Service Operations in the Automotive Landscape

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, expanding your dealership's revenue requires a shift in focus toward service operations. By increasing the value and gross profit of your average Repair Order (RO), you can drive profitability in your fixed operations and establish a deeper connection and lifetime value with your customers. Let's explore how embracing advanced diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and strategic upselling can transform each service visit into a revenue-enhancing...

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Mechanic at garage with car on lift behind him

Making Money or Making Excuses?

For the 40 years that I have been in the car business, dealers have complained about the "shortage" of technicians. This 40+ year "shortage" may be the new norm, and if so, Dealers who adapt will have the greatest chance for success.

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Keep Calm And Sell More Cars

Let's face it - these past few months have been hectic to say the least. However, regardless of everything that's been going on, things are looking up, especially regarding the COVID-19 downturn. During this time, we've seen many CMOs and General Managers push through in spite of the challenges.

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