Case Study-Maserati of Wilmington Pike

Turbocharging Sales Through Reach and Reactivation

Luxury dealership Maserati of Wilmington Pike knew they needed a streamlined marketing solution that could deliver on multiple fronts—but they also knew their own capabilities were already necessarily devoted to showroom operations. After a couple false starts with other partners, Edifice’s proven plan to accelerate their sales and service revenue more than intrigued them. With Edifice, they’ve seen steady growth in sales from outside their market area, plus over 40% more service department revenue.

A Beautiful Brand

Maserati of Wilmington Pike provides sales and repair services with an emphasis on the storied Italian brand Maserati in Chadds Ford Township, an affluent Philadelphia suburb in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. As attentive representatives of a famed and beloved brand, they had established a loyal existing customer base, but were coasting when it came to building on that base. 

We needed a direct, targeted strategy to bring people in. We have limited ability to approach our marketing from within the dealership. The only way we knew we could reach the people we wanted to reach with the frequency needed was to partner with an expert in this area.”   - Maserati of Wilmington Pike

Edifice to the Starting Line

Using the Edifice Elevation Marketing Platform, we built a custom target audience with the dealer to reactivate past clients and reach beyond their current database into other geographic areas of interest. We crafted a solid marketing strategy that Maserati of Wilmington Pike was eager to activate.

Getting in Gear

The dealership team spent a little time with us getting their account set up and then a kickoff call aligned both teams around the marketing and creative strategy. After that, all the dealer had to do was monitor success on their dashboard and approve creative. 

On the Edifice end, we connected to their DMS system to identify a profile of their typical customers and used that to build a custom target audience using the agreed upon campaign strategies. We created and broadcast compelling social and email creative ads and were able to track and report the prospects we targeted down to their dealership sales using the DMS.

Simply put: We targeted new customers and reactivated previous customers, driving traffic to the dealership and providing opportunities for the dealer to close the sale.

Giving It a Little More Gas

To add and maintain momentum, we created an additional strategy that continuously builds the target audience by adding prospects within close proximity to a sale, allowing us to hyper-target specific neighborhoods where buyers live.

Crossing the Finish Line

The results are in: Edifice’s marketing strategy is successfully adding 3+ incremental sales outside the Maserati of Wilmington Pike market area, and the repair orders generated by the program have brought in 42% more revenue than the overall average repair order in the previous year.

“With Edifice’s Elevation Marketing Platform, we have been able to effortlessly harness customer data, gain deep insights into target audiences, and successfully expand our brand reach through personalized ad campaigns across various channels.”

- Maserati of Wilmington Pike

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