Keep Calm And Sell More Cars

Let's face it - these past few months have been hectic to say the least. However, regardless of everything that's been going on, things are looking up, especially regarding the COVID-19 downturn. During this time, we've seen many CMOs and General Managers push through in spite of the challenges. 

They’ve done this by knowing that panic doesn’t solve anything. Automotive leaders understand that demonstrating a sense of calm both internally to their family of employees and externally to their customers directly contributes to the bottom line. 

Here are some methods we've seen work and highly recommend for each and every dealer to implement in order to keep calm and sell more cars.

Watching OEM's

OEM's have been featuring some of the most effective marketing messages throughout the entirety of the COVID-19 pandemic, so it's wise to mirror these sentiments in your own marketing.

Their messaging was never, "Times are hard. Come buy a new car."

The messaging that came out of COVID-19 was much more unifying, much to the benefit of dealers. It was "Shelter in place. Be safe. We'll make it easier to buy a car in these times, but above all, this won't last forever. So take care." Many executives like Fiat Chrysler Automotive's CMO Olivier Francois are saying that the most important thing you can address is public health concerns. 

In your marketing, how are you reaching your customers with this message? How are you belaying concerns and empathizing with the afflicted? Focus on presenting a calm, collected environment around your dealership and you'll likely see more sales.

Inspiring With Your Messaging

Coinciding with the previous point, inspirational messaging is crucial for dealers to remain top-of-mind for prospects and to capture the active-shopper market.

Many companies like Toyota are highlighting their service departments and connecting to their buyers by talking about the importance of dependability during this time. Through this, they're able to attract consumers to their service departments and keep the revenue coming in that way.

Another great way to inspire and instill confidence in your dealership is to show what you're doing in the community. Companies like Hyundai have committed to paying up to 6 vehicle payments for their car buyers/owners who have been unemployed due to the Coronavirus. As well, Kia has committed to donate $1 million to the homeless youth in America.

Though philanthropic efforts of this significance may be out of reach for many dealerships, there are endless local groups and organizations that could benefit from your dealership’s community outreach. 

Cut Through The Noise With "Needs"

The faster you can identify your customers' pain points, the faster your cars will sell. As can all attest to, the number one need of car shoppers during this crisis is financial assistance.

Being liberal with financing offers and specials is the number one way to cut through the traditional marketing noise. While everyone is trying to appeal emotionally through this epidemic, not every dealer is going above and beyond through financing offers, and this is where your dealership can really gain an advantage.

Planning Your Emergence Messaging

While the country is rehabilitating from the impacts of COVID-19, we're not all the way out of this yet. However, it's vital to plan out your messaging ahead for when we do emerge out of this period of time. What is your dealership planning on saying?

Keep that sense of calm going throughout the months coming out of COVID-19 and it's likely wise to continue your financing and offers the same as the country recovers. This shows a great commitment to seeing total recovery and unifying your brand with your target audience.

Saying The "Right Things" At The "Right Time" To The "Right People"

Now, implementing this messaging is entirely different from creating it. It's one thing to have the right thing to say, but another thing entirely to say it at the right time and in the right places.

With that in mind, Edifice Automotive specializes in delivering dealer messaging in a precise effective way. Through email marketing, social media advertising, market analysis, and many other expert marketing methods, we can help you get the most out of your amazing messaging.

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