Top 3 trends and strategies

NADA 2022: Top 3 Trends & Strategies to Watch

It’s no secret that the annual NADA Convention is one of the most important trade shows in the automotive industry today. With an expected 15,000 attendees and over 500 exhibitors, there is much to see, do, and learn at this year’s NADA taking place March 10–13, 2022, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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Boost dealership profits by promoting your service department

Boost Your Service Profits by Promoting Your Service Department

It goes without saying that most auto dealerships focus on selling cars. But did you know that the best way to boost your overall profitability is not through new and used car sales—but through your service lane? By focusing solely on selling cars, many auto dealerships overlook an even easier—and less costly—market: existing car owners. Getting repeat business from vehicle owners is a strong differentiator for any dealership, and that’s why promoting your service department to vehicle owners...

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Slay The Holidays With These 5 Dealership Marketing Strategies

The holiday season is here, and with it comes Americans’ readiness to shop the best deals of the season. While it’s common knowledge that US shoppers are ready to throw down serious cash for Christmas presents—around $1,000—it’s also true that they’re far and away more likely to buy a car at this time: Automotive sales spike in the end-of-year holiday season for both luxury auto brands, such as Tesla, Land Rover, and Lexus, and non-luxury brands:

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