10 Fast Steps to Success in Dealership Service & Sales

Now that most shoppers begin their car buying online, forward-thinking auto dealers are leveraging strategic marketing solutions to stay ahead of the curve. But with so many marketing options out there, it can be difficult to determine which is the correct fit for your dealership.

Unlike other auto-dealer marketing systems, Edifice doesn’t consider our job done until you score a sale—not a click or impression. We accomplish this by executing targeted campaigns through our proprietary Elevation platform. Here, we’ll dive into ten reasons why working with Edifice and our Elevation platform accelerates sales and service profits for auto dealerships.

1. Identify active shoppers in your area.
Gone are the days of spending your budget marketing to just anyone. Our Elevation platform identifies individual active vehicle and service shoppers in your market, who we can then reach through our database to communicate your message. 

2. Know your potential buyers like never before.
The more you understand your potential customer, the better chance you have of completing a vehicle or service sale. Our Elevation platform’s granular database gives your dealership a detailed view into your local market, including budgets, demographics, brand owners and shoppers, and more. 

3. Engage targeted audiences with strategic marketing.
Once we’ve identified your audience, we develop and launch targeted advertising techniques where your buyers are guaranteed to see them: on social media, mobile apps and websites, and through email. These calls to action are specifically formulated to drive these buyers to your website, showroom, and service lane. 

4. Receive transparent target lists before campaign launch.
Leveraging the granular data in our Elevation platform, we will provide you with a full list of your targeted potential customers, including names and addresses.

5. Track sales with match-back reports.
Measure our marketing success by sales, plain and simple. Our match-back reporting shows you exactly how our efforts are increasing your vehicle and service sales, so you don’t have to deal with last-click attributions.

6. Analyze your vehicle & service sales in real time.
Our Elevation platform’s real-time sales dashboard gives you immediate access to your vehicle and service sales, so you can more easily manage your dealership.

7. Keep track of your competitors & acquire their customers.
Elevation doesn’t only track active shoppers in your market; it provides you with granular data of competitor dealerships, including their new and used inventories, so you can stay ahead of the curve and dominate your market.

8. Rest easy with our experience & premiere data partnerships.
Edifice was founded by car guys, for car guys, so we know what it takes to succeed in the automotive industry. And by leveraging our partnerships with some of the world’s premiere data providers, we’ll ensure you not only reach wide qualified audiences, but drive them to your dealership and service lane.

9. Enjoy custom package pricing & no long-term contracts.
No hidden fees. No production costs. No mandatory long-term sign-ups. Our pricing packages are straightforward and customized to your goals, so you can focus on what matters: selling and servicing more cars.

10. Secure 4X ROI in gross profits—guaranteed.
Our Elevation platform enables you to effectively target and market to active shoppers in your area, so we guarantee that your dealership will experience more traffic-on your website, in your showroom, and in your service lane. Schedule a free demo

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